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Alphabet Icon Challenge
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I am sure by now you guys have heard/joined 100 icon challenge communties like icons100. Well I wanted to create my own challenge but I decided to put a different spin on it. Here you have to make 26 icons using the alphabet as your guide and 24 icons in your choice of one subject. Meaning you'll make an icon reflect the letter 'A' and another one reflect the letter 'B', etc. All and all you'll be making 50 icons. Icon fanatics, come join! Are you up to the challenge?

1. You have to join the community and I recommend you friend it so you can keep up with updates.

2. Submit your subject you want here. Your subject can be person/character/object/tv show/magazine/movie/songs/yourself/etc.. the possiblites are endless! Then wait for me to approve you.

3. You make 50 icons total of your subject. 26 must reflect the alphabet and 24 are the artist's choice.

4. You have 2 months from the day I approve you to make and post all of the icons. That works out to about 5-6 icons a week. If you need an extension, just ask.

5. Make sure you let me know here when you are done with your challenge so I can make you a nice banner! Once you are done, your subject will be up for grabs for someone else.

6. When you post you can have a cut to your journal but please make sure that you put some teasers before your link!

--When you are doing your alphabet themed icons you must have the letter on the icon!! So if your theme is Ashley Olsen and you are doing your 'A' icon with her name, make sure you have the letter 'A' displayed somewhere readable. For 'X' you may just use a x brush, you don't have to come up with a word for it, I know it's hard.

--All icons must be of your subject ONLY. So if you pick Ashley Olsen, don't throw Mary-Kate Olsen in the icons. If you like her as well, do a challenge of just her in addition to your Ashley one! Or you can do one of the two of them together!

--ONE subject can be claimed by ONE person so two users won't be having Gilmore Girls at the same time. When the other one gives that one up or is done, the other person may apply for it.

--When you post please up to 3 icons and put the rest behind a cut!!

--You can make your alphabet icons anyway you want but make sure the letter is on them (it can be in a word if it has to be). To be clear you'll make 26 icons each reflecting each letter of the alphabet, NO DUPLICATES!!! The last 24 are up to you, they don't have to contain any letters.

--Make new icons for your challenge, it's so boring just to have 50 old icons right off the bat although I doubt anyone has a ton of icon sets of the alphabet laying around!

Go update your journal as usual, make sure you include teasers and a cut if you are posting more than 3 at a time. Make sure you do the image tag, don't post a bunch of links! Go to your drop down menu where it says post to: and pick alphabeticons. Also please include the following:
Subject claimed: your subject
Themes: (which letters are you using, if not any put artist's choice)
Additonal Thoughts: (if you want to share info about your icons, post resource links, and credit requirements, that goes here)
In the subject link please put: Subject, Batch Number or # of icons completed) so we all can see how far along you are.

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This community was born on July 6, 2005 so I would stop being sad about something. The community was closed for awhile on May 7, 2006 but reopened on January 17,2007. It is maintained & created by me, hermionesparkle. I thought of the concept although I am sure there are other communites out there like this one. Spread the word about this community, I'd love to see it grow into something big!

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